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of acceleration and expansion consultants

Redcase™ is a network of business lawyers and consultants who, through their contacts in various markets throughout Europe,
help investors and entrepreneurs expand new business and cutting edge ideas.

When launching a new project or entering a new market, businesses often find it difficult to establish a network of professionals to help them get started. Lawyers, HR specialists, investment and tax advisors, accountants and marketers are difficult to choose. We work closely with our colleagues, providing a multidisciplinary approach to the needs of our clients.

Our work focuses on three main pillars: we help our clients establish and expand their business, we come in contact with local authorities and business partners, and we protect their intellectual property once set.

At the moment we are looking for new partners to help serve a wider audience. Given the common European market, customers are more than ever interested in establishing bases throughout the continent. Our plan is to get involved in all European markets, guaranteeing trust services beyond legal and language barriers.

Our Impact

We support innovation and participate in the promotion of interesting ideas. Together we look for bold solutions and
we are happy to promote them with our peers.

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