Project details

  • STARTING DATE:  April 25th, 2018
  • CATEGORY:  Startup
  • TAGS:  sports, contract law, statutary law

Introducing the first online manager app that controls a real football team

In this project, we are advising a football club developed on the basis of a web application that allows fans to directly influence the tactical decisions of the sports team. The proposals of the supporters and their decisions based on the vote are centralized in a system and are applied by coaches in real time in the game of team active in the 4th league of Romania.

The legal issues are related to compliance, contract law (relationship with sponsors, sponsors and players), taxes and statutory law. The real challenge is to transpose this special decision system to the Romanian legal system and guarantee the highest possible transparency according to the client’s request.

The team is performing in the championship and made an impressive season debut; Meanwhile, the virtual base of “managers” is constantly growing.

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